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More than 1,000 people are killed by police officers in the US every year.  NO police officer starts the day by saying to himself or herself, “I guess I’ll kill someone today.”  Mistakes happen.  Judgment is not perfect.  Some people attempt “Suicide by cop”.  Mental illness and poor judgment meet reality.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to STOP someone without KILLING them?

In civil society, police use guns to STOP people after all else has failed.  Killing is an unwanted side effect, NOT the actual purpose of shooting.

More than 500 people die in gun accidents in the US every year.  Would’t it be great if none of those incidents ended in tragedy?


In Science Fiction, action heroes have the ability to “Set for stun” and immobilize someone in an engagement situation without injuring them.  Alas, the human nervous system is not like that.  That’s too bad.  Some people even absorb multiple gunshot wounds without going down, increasing the chance of additional shots to stop them.  That’s downright tragic.

  • What if there were a bullet that would definitively stop someone on the first shot, but have a near-zero chance of killing them?
  • What if they woke up in the hospital, possibly in pain, but alive, basically every time?


The SNK round is a patent-pending small arms round intended for the most common police calibers, including .357 [9 mm], .38 caliber, .40 caliber, and .45 caliber.  It’s being designed to be used interchangeably in all police side arms.  It’s at the engineering stage, and is NOT yet for sale.  We will be raising research and development funds via IndieGoGo.  We have the basic engineering models done, and plan to proceed to mathematical simulation, followed by developmental testing.

It meets the TWO criteria before any police officer would even consider using it.


Upon hitting a lightly clothed or unclothed human [for example, a person with a bare chest], the SNK round disperses between 8 and 12 projectiles in a circular, sideways pattern.  These projectiles cause extremely painful surface wounds [“flesh wounds”] over an area about the size of a dinner plate, causing instant, disabling pain, effectively stopping the person cold.  The projectiles are made of tungsten, an extremely dense [55% denser than lead], non-toxic, hard [non-deforming], tough [non-shattering], x-ray opaque metal with no sharp edges to endanger emergency medical staff.  Additional casing materials of the round are left with so little kinetic energy that they cannot penetrate well.  The result is to instantly stop the person, but without damage to internal organs, nerves, blood vessels, or bones.

When the SNK Round impacts a human body, the GREEN, STIPPLED, and BLUE sections move downward.

This forces the PINK projectiles outward, fanning out to cause a dinner-plate sized, shallow flesh wound that’s extremely painful, but not lethal.

After ejecting the massive PINK projectiles, the mass of the remaining pieces is too low to penetrate far.

The result – The targeted individual GOES DOWN, HARD, but DOES NOT DIE.




What Happens If a Suspect Tries To Execute a Police Officer by Ramming with a Vehicle?

Upon absorbing the additional impulse from hitting automotive windshield glass, metal, or hard plastic, the SNK round deforms into a conventional armor piercing round, and does not disperse.  Instead, it behaves like a conventional round in situations where someone is targeting an officer with immediate death by motor vehicle.  In such cases of intentional attempted execution of a police officer, the SNK round may be lethal.

When the SNK Round impacts a HARD SURFACE, such as auto window glass, the STIPPLED section shatters.

This forces the GREEN cap down over the PINK projectiles, holding them together.

The result – The round penetrates the window glass the same way a current round does.

This may result in a fatality for someone intentionally trying to execute an officer with a car.



Wayne B. Norris

Founder / CEO  /  Chief Scientist- My Journey

I’ve been a scientist and an engineer most of my life – except when I was an accountant, or some other career.  I worked on the Apollo project in college… yes, I’m that old.  We landed a man on the moon 3 weeks after I graduated, and I worked on the moon rocks for the next 3 years.

  • In 1981, my little brother was killed by a drunk driver.  I was devastated, and simultaneously taken aback by just how incredibly hard his death hit me.  I’ve spent a lot of career time working on life saving technology… including the SNK Round.  I love working on things to save lives.
  • After my brother’s death, I became the president of the local Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter.  I took a Citizen Police Academy course offered by the Santa Barbara Police Department.  We were introducing ourselves, and just after I sat down, the Deputy Chief of Police asked me publicly, “How come you aerospace guys can put a man on the moon, and you haven’t been able to develop nonlethal ways to stop somebody cold?”  He appeared very close to angry.  I’m sure it was off the cuff… I doubt if he’d rehearsed it.  I was a bit taken aback, truth be told.  I was caught off guard, and muttered something like, “Well, it’s a lot harder than it looks… people have tried for a long time to do just that.”  [It is, and they have.]  But I never forgot that incident.  His identity’s not important here, but I thank him for that.
  • I went to an annual multi-day scientific and engineering conference called the Warheads and Ballistics Conference  at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey for many years.  At the time, I was in the business of developing technology to save lives on the battlefield.  I was always struck by the extraordinary engineering that went into large projectiles, such as tank rounds, when compared with the relatively minor amount that went into small arms rounds such as those for pistols.  I always wondered… can’t we engineer rounds that will satisfy ALL the needs of civilian police?  A round that can stop someone cold in their tracks with a negligible chance of killing them, but that will still stop an attacker using a vehicle to target an officer.  Hmmmm…
  • I was honored to have been selected to serve as the CEO of a wonderful 20-year-old company, Precision Simulations, Inc. [PSI], that created forensic videos for use in court.  The company had created many videos for officer involved shootings over the decades.  My interest was reignited.
  • After parting ways with PSI, I began to wonder about so-called “snake rounds”, essentially buckshot-filled pistol rounds.  But upon researching them, I concluded that they would never fulfill the criteria needed by police.  [Also, reports have begun to surface of their intentional misuse by Indian border guards against civilian pro-Pakistani protesters in the Kashmir… don’t want to go there.]  So it was back to the proverbial drawing board.
  • The result is the round shown schematically above.  I’ve filed a pending patent on it.  My goal is to engineer a round to save lives, and I’m hot on the trail!  I don’t have a single example of one… that’s why I’m doing an IndieGoGo crowdfunding round.

And, yes, before you object, I know it’s not perfect.  Heck – like all genuine research and development projects, it’s going to be a rocky road.  Even after significant engineering, it may not be 100% nonlethal in all cases.  And, yes, I believe in better police training – who doesn’t?  I believe in conflict resolution.  I believe in all the social engineering approaches to officer involved shootings that are discussed all the time.  But I know how much I miss my little brother, and I’d like to spare every grieving parent and sibling and spouse and child that horror.  About 14% of police shootings result in a death.  What if that dropped to 4%?  Or 2%?  Wouldn’t that be GREAT?



Chief Executive Officer / Police Practices Expert

David started in Law Enforcement in his early years in Illinois.  Over 20 years of service David took over 50 classes in law enforcement and business and applied that to his everyday work ethics. During this time David was involved in every thinkable matter that could happen in law enforcement including such things as violet crimes.

  • While being employed in law enforcement David was a Shift Commander, K9 Office, Undercover Narcotics Officer, Investigations and Road Patrol.
  • David became a COO of an Investigation Company which lasted for five years and this also involved managing security.
  • The career was wrapped up for David after he went to the Florida Police Academy and he worked for two Law Enforcement Agencies in Florida.
  • David changed his career to business, where he decided to get involved in hotel management and corporate work. David went as far as acting General Manager for two hotel brands and worked all departments so he would have the experience how business was done in the hotels.  He was promoted to a Regional Manager of Loss Prevention working investigations, training, and taking on daily functions of helping the General Manager and Human Resource.
  • The career expanded greatly working internationally when working in Sales, Training, Project Management and High Threat Technology.  This led to be the VP of the company and working in 23 countries.  He worked with president’s cabinets, private companies, military and law enforcement agencies to get them up to speed.
  • David also was involved in high profile Executive Protection, protecting people and companies in the USA and overseas.
  • Learning the field of technology, David has worked with explosive and drug detection devices and trained companies in many areas including National Security Training in Afghanistan.
  • In the later years David was involved with Cyber Security so that he would have the knowledge of how the technology of today was done and the threats involved.
  • Positions held in the past have ben CEO, COO, VP, Director, Commander, Senior Sales Manager.
  • David has known Wayne for many years and they have often worked together on preparing notes of how to make the world better and safer. Both were intrigued on how to save lives and studying this area with great interest and believed that if the right ammo was used this could save lives which began the study and making of the Stop Do Not Kill ammo. Even though they know they have mastered this area they will continue to work to always see how things can be improved and see where they can save lives.


This is a project to SAVE LIVES.  It’s our story, and we’re stickin’ to it.  We do not apologize for saving lives.

Check this space for our IndieGoGo fund raise, to help us complete the engineering, testing, and manufacturing rollout of the life saving SNK round!

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